Badger Hide


Badger Hide


Our badger hide is set in private woodland and is home for a large number of badgers, you can have up to 20 badgers at one time.

The sett has been here for over 30 years and the badgers will come out earlier than most setts.

So we need to be in the hide before 3 pm, so you can get yourself ready.

Other woodland wildlife will visit the hide, during your time. Including jays, foxes. Squirrels, 

Note of warning:

These are wild badgers so do have a keen sense of smell. So please do not wear any perfumes, aftershave or something with a strong smell. 

I shall tell instantly know due to the badger behaviour, as I don't have any sense of smell but they do. 

If badgers sense a different smell, they will not come as close or use many other entrances around the sett.

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