Mati Kose

Featured Work


Bsc and Msc in Animal Ecology in ornithological specialization

Has been active as ornithologist, bird conservationist, environmental expert, researcher, guide and interpreter, lecturer on the birds, conservation, photography and nature education.

Birdwatcher since 1984, wide experience with all bird groups and the aspects of their life

First photography since 1986

Modern camera equipment and start of the semi-pro career since 1995

Since 2000 working as international bird guide, mainly specialized on British clients, incl.  photographing birders. 

Since 2015 developing wildlife photography tourism in SW Estonia with the co-operation with the Pikla Birdhouse

Nature and wildlife photos and stories has been published in numerous times in the Estonian magazines, books and other media

Has been author of the bird photo exhibition for introduction of the EU protected bird species in Estonia

Bird photos has been illustrating the full page of the British Birdwatching Magazine (wintering Bittern in Pikla) andfront t cover of the book Where the watch birds in Eastern Europe (Three-toad Woodpecker).

My photos has achieved many awards and prizes in the various Estonian national photo competitions, incl the largest annual nature photo of the year competition (Got 1st prize in the landscapes category in this 2017 year)

Has achieved 1st prizes in the bird and abstract categories in the Baltic Nature Photo competitions.

Has achieved II price in the European Wildlife Photographer competition GDT in mammals category

Have been reached into final jury shortlist with the Crane image in the portrait category at the BBC WOPY contest.