How it all started with Kerry Newell - Painting Workshops

Botswana and Estonia! 

Two weeks ago I received a phone call completely out of the blue from a dear friend whom I’ve known for around 9 years but hadn’t spoken to in a while.  To cut a long story, and an even longer conversation short, the outcome of our conversation was a positive one – my friend (I’ll be able to share more details later) is in the process of setting up a new business and would like me on board too. 

He currently runs photographic tours to Botswana and Estonia but intends to branch out further to include art safaris hence his phone call to me!  Needless to say I’ve agreed lol (once I’d picked myself up off the floor that is lol). So now, for me at least, it’s a waiting game while the new business’ website is built and the cogs begin to turn.  He did ask when would I prefer the art safaris to commence i.e towards the end of 2017 (after the Birdfair in August) or the beginning of 2018 – my reply was simple “NOW PLEASE” Lol. 

Okay so I need to be patient, I’ve been asked, I’ve said yes, I’ve agreed for the art safaris to launch when he sees fit … so that’s pretty much where we are up to now. One thing I can also mention before I forget is the new company’s name is  ‘ Wildlife Art Experiences’ – something for you all to look out for in the not too distant future.