Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

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First thing you notice about this camera is how beautiful it is to hold in the hand, especially with the battery grip, giving you extra battery life and to turn the camera into a portrait position.

Moving to one of 121 focal points with the jog wheel was a pleasure.  I don’t want to miss

that focal point of the eye. Eyes are windows to the soul and capturing the soul of any wildlife is the most important thing making your images different from anyone else.

The camera has amazing key features that any wildlife photographer would want in a camera:

  • Advanced 5axis Image Stabilisation
  • Lightweight weatherproof body amazing 574g
  • 60 fps at full resolution 
  • Twin SD slots – going to need this with that shooting capability
  • Bright viewfinder 
  • Silent electronic shutter 
  • 121 focal points.

But a camera is only as good as the glass you put in front of it, so I’m pleased that I have Olympus lens that I use on my Panasonic System. I shall be taken my 40-150mm f2.8 and 300mm f4 

With the APS- C sensor it doubles my focal length on these Lens and everything fits into a small bag that doesn’t draw attention to my camera equipment. Taken it on a plane as my hand luggage also saves me more money.

So where do I go to test this system, as photographers you don’t often to get to try two new things at once but WILDLIFE ART EXPERIENCES asked me to try out their new Sea Eagle Hide in Estonia.

4 hours later I’m in this new hide that was a pleasure to photography in with indoor toilet and heated for my comfort. Large glass windows or lens snoot to use. I just needed something to photography, the 3rd’s largest eagle disappoint me arriving on the ground just in front of the hide.

The camera focused quickly and gave me a great image but due to the weather this amazing bird just sat there all day and I wanted to test the focusing system. Looking up our prays are answered as a bevy of swans flew past. Using the multi focus points that the camera has and the 60fps the image was captured.

But I still wanted to check two other important parts of My photography the silent shutter and moving my focal point to that window of the soul.

I knew where I could get a Little Owl and put the focal points to the test, I will let you decide if the camera and lens passed the test.

Silent shutter was the next quest to test the camera, I love Otters but can be tricky with shutter sounds and another chance to use the tracking system, again I will let the results do the talking rather than me!

The camera has many functions that I didn’t use and is perfect for Wildlife or Sport and any other outdoor photography. With so many cameras on the market it certainly hits a gap in the market for something that is light weight, small and giving high quality images with the right lens.

The camera is available at Jessops and other camera retailers.



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