Sea Eagles In Estonia



Estonian landscape is as diverse as the birds and animals that call it a home with every passing season presenting the country in a new light. Deserted beaches, deep forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, and mysterious swamps hide a hidden and vibrant life of birds, seals and bears
Estonia has among the largest density of large predators in Europe including brown bears, lynxes and wolves. About 50% of Estonia's territory is covered with forest. this well-kept wildlife which is by now extinct in most other European countries. The winter snow that carpets the country in winter is ideal for animal tracking and makes the wildlife that lives in Estonia's forests far more noticeable.

Marvel at the spectacle of frozen waterfalls, the coastline and sea, and the country’s snow-covered forests and national parks. If the winter is sufficiently cold and the sea is frozen. This is home to our lodge and our hides

Our Sea Eagle hide is heated with indoor toilet . We are always developing many new hides including : Bears,Otters,Goshawk,Golden Eagles,Woodpeckers, Woodland birds , Black Grouse, Ruff ,Waders,Elk ,Lynx , Pine Martens and Reflection pools

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Just a thought why not stay in the beautiful city of Tallinn either before or after your trip.

Images by Mati Kose

Price includes

  • Transfers to and from Tallinn Airport
  • Accommodation (Shared Twin Rooms)
  • All Meals
  • Hide

Max 4 people

Available Dates

  • 18th Jan - 21st Jan 2018
  • 23rd Jan - 28th Jan 2018
  • 30th Jan - 1st Feb 2018
  • 1st Feb - 4th Feb 2018
  • 6th Feb - 8th Feb 2018
  • 8th Feb - 11th Feb 2018
  • 11th Feb - 15th Feb 2018
  • 15th Feb - 18th Feb 2018
  • 22nd Feb - 25th Feb 2018 SOLD OUT
  • 27th Feb - 4th Martch 2018
  • 27th March - 29th March 2018
  • 3rd April - 5th April 2018
  • 19th April - 22nd April 2018


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Day 1

  • Leave Gatwick 8am - Arrive 1pm
  • Arrive at our Lodge 4pm
  • Photography around the lodge
  • Evening Meal

Day 2

  • Arrive in our hide before sunrise
  • Photography all day
  • Evening Meal

Day 3

  • Arrive in our hide before sunrise
  • Sunrise photography
  • Leave for Airport 9:30pm