T-Shape Bean Bag



Bean bags are one of the most important accessories that you should have for wildlife photography. There are many on the market but I use the T shape bean bag from Wildlife watching supplies. It is ideal for lens up to 600mm.

This beanbag fits perfect on a car window , safari trucks giving you great stabilisation. As well been useful in the field to supporting your lens in a hide, on a rock, gate, fence post where a tripod would get in the way.

I fill my bean bag with wild bird seed, as it forms a perfect shape around your lens but also you can always place seed down to attract birds. While your out in the field.

Lighter than a tripod for going on holiday , fill the bean bag when you arrive with rice.

All of our photography workshops and experiences have the bean bag for you to use free of charge. If you like it .Your welcome to buy the bean bag on the day.

You can also buy the bean bag on our BUY section or click on our Brand Partners for direct link to Wildlife watching supplies.